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The roller mowers – the “Rolls Royce” of roller mowers, still made in the UK! From £559.00 including vat. Although the Hayter Harriers are most expensive in our range of roller mowers they have, it’s often, given the features and benefits, the one that sells! We also now stock the Hayter Spirit range.

This is a more affordable range of roller rotary mowers in a 16" width of cut, priced from £359.00 incuding vat.

Hayter have now included in their Roller Harrier Pro Range a 41cm (16”) machine, more robust than their domestic counterparts making them suitable for mowing several lawns of the appropriate size per week, rather than just one lawn of the same size each week. The extra features include strengthened handles, by way of an extra support bracket, hammerite paint - scratch resistant and simple single speed.

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