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The original Atco brand being no more, this brand, always having been synonymous with quality has been re-introduced, under new ownership last year with a new range. Easily recognisable, with the traditional Atco green and gold livery, it comes from one of the largest producers of garden machinery in the world. It looks good and performs well. It outsells their expectations every year, and with very few problems. The range we hold covers both electric and petrol rotary mowers from only £119.00 including vat for the electrics and £189.00 including vat for the petrol machines.

Launched into the market last year, Atco introduced their Premium Range of mid and large sized mowers, across both the 4 wheeled and roller ranges. These offer a range of unique features, including “trigger” change handle heights, guided grass-box fit, which on the 4 wheeled mowers boast a “self-locating”, quick positioning rear deflector and a double edged cutter blade which mows at two heights with the same blade rotation, creating smaller debris.

Consequently grass collection is more efficient and encourages the debris to be compacted into the box, meaning fewer stops to clear the debris.

Look out for internet price offers on ours and their websites!! They have three ways in which you can buy these products.

Direct from us the main dealer, where the product is built, predelivery insepected and delivered and demostrated to you, always sold to you at the prevailing internet prices.

From the Atco website, where you pay directly as per all other websites, the order is then either passed directly to us, where we again, build and predelivery inpsect the mower and deliver it to you (Atco’s white glove service) or it will be deilvered direct from Atco, not the best option if you have never had one of these before.

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