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Walk-behind Mowers

Within our range of walk-behind mowers, we try to incorporate, at various price points everything from the simplest push cylinder mower for a small garden, through electric rotary mowers, widening to petrol mowers small (upto 1/2 tennis court), medium (upto 1 tennis court) and large up to 21/22” width of cut (upto 11/2 tennis courts), after which from approximately ¼ acre upwards you transfer to a ride-on mower range.

Brands encompassed within this section are Al-ko, Atco, Hayter, Masport and a few one-offs which fill gaps to allow us to offer choice within a size range or category.

To make the most of our “compact and bijou” showroom, everything within has been carefully chosen with reason.


The original Atco brand being no more, this brand, always having been synonymous with quality has been re-introduced, under new ownership last year with a new range. Easily recognisable, with the traditional Atco green and gold livery, it comes from one of the largest producers of garden machinery in the world. It looks good and performs well. It outsells their expectations every year, and with very few problems. The range we hold covers both electric and petrol rotary mowers from only £119.00 including vat for the electrics and £189.00 including vat for the petrol machines.



A range of both 4-wheeled and roller mowers is kept. Although fairly basic and at a really keen price, they tend to have hidden surprises. Large rear openings on some to aid grass collection, on others swing-tip blades (beneficial if the blade could potentially hit something hidden by the grass in rougher ground) and on the roller mowers, full width rear rollers. The 4-wheeled mowers are repeated at two price points offering the option of steel or alloy decks, depending on life-expectancy and thus price. We chose this range specifically because they ALL cut down to 10mm – the lowest you can go, especially on a 4-wheeled mower!



A classic push cylinder mower 40cm Cut with grass collector