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Ride-on Mowers


This Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of garden machinery actually makes a variety of brands and some “own-branded” products (a range “brand” named at a specific retailer request), at a huge variety of price points and therefore qualities.



For us, this is the rear engine rider of favour. These are dedicated mulch mowers, articulated, so with very tight (not quite zero-turn) turning circles and the cutting deck out at the front so that you can get the cutting unit into so many more places. Trees, obstacles, artistically shaped beds to go round? – It’s a doddle with one of these. When you have something this easy to use, manoeuvrable and efficient it becomes a travesty to sell the manual option where, every time you want to change gear, you have to stop forward motion, take your hand off the steering wheel, change gear and set off again.